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The Dark Studio

The Dark Studio Sound and Picture Company has been providing post-production services to the highest industry standards for film, television, and multimedia projects in Toronto since 1998. Our track record of creative and award-winning audio post-production and colour grading is a testament to our commitment to delivering perfection on time, every time. Entrust your project to a legacy of expertise, where audio and visual refinement merge seamlessly for outstanding results.


Discover the convenience of The Dark Studio Sound and Picture Company, centrally located in Toronto's Annex neighborhood. Our three-story facility offers free parking and comfortable rooms for previewing, mixing, and screening. With meticulous attention to sound and video quality, we guarantee your project will shine across all platforms. Count on our blend of experience and affordability to bring your production to completion effortlessly.

Our Crew


Grant founded The Dark Studio Sound and Picture Company in 1998. With many awards to his credit including a Gemini for Best Sound in a Documentary, he’s our ultimate sound guru, demystifying and smoothing out even the most difficult problems with seeming ease.

Grant Edmonds

CEO, Chief Audio Editor & Mixer


Well-versed and trained in all corners of the sound industry; Andrew is knowledgeable about anything audio and signal processing and is our in house Dolby Atmos expert. His dedication to detail is seen in his love for meticulous foley and all things stop motion; making him an ideal addition for our mixers. His passion for audio reverberates through all the work he does.

Andrew Knaggs

Sound Designer & Foley Artist


Patience's love for sound and her discerning ear propel her to breathe life into scenes through meticulously balanced mixes. Patience aspires that her accomplishments in audio post production will inspire other young women to venture into this industry, driving toward greater diversity and inclusion.

Patience Bradford

Sound Mixer & Editor


Sarah is a dedicated sound designer, editor, and recordist. With experience in short films, television, podcasts, documentaries and more, she is knowledgeable and passionate about creating the best soundscape that she can in the auditory medium. In the studio, Sarah works on sound effects and ambiences, as well as creating described video for visually impaired audiences.

Sarah Saunders

Sound Designer & Foley Artist


MaryAnn's work in colour grading involves the delicate art of enhancing the visual elements of a production, using a rich and pleasing palette of colours to create atmospheres, convey emotions, and support the storytelling process. In the realm of sound design, MaryAnn’s expertise shines through in her ability to sculpt audio landscapes that enliven into every shot.

MaryAnn Icaro

Colourist & Sound Designer


Ruby leads HR programs and projects, conducts research to identify issues, and provides advice and recommendations for resolving daily HR challenges. She is knowledgeable on all things. Ruby has a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Columbia.

Ruby Brown

HR Consultant

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